4 Engaging Video Ideas for Realtors

If you’re like many realtors, you’re probably not taking advantage of video’s incredible popularity— particularly on social media. Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined
Facebook generates 8 billion video views a day on average. In other words, video is an essential part of any realtor’s marketing tool kit. When you create engaging video content, you can boost sales, engagement, and brand awareness. 

Here are some video ideas to get the process started.

1. Property Listing Videos

Consumers love a good listing. Real estate listings that have a list video with them receive 403% more engagement than those without video — which is why this idea is at the top of our list. A listing video is the perfect multimedia package to showcase your properties using images, video, and text to show the customer why they need to live in that house.

Style the house and make sure to include wide angles so the customer can see every nook and cranny. This allows you to build trust and connection with the customer. You want them to feel like all the cards are out on the table and they’ve seen everything they want to see— and that you’re not trying to hide anything from them.

These videos are incredibly versatile. They can be put on a variety of platforms, including your website, your social media account, and any other places you want your listing promoted.

Pro-Tip: Sites like Animoto, Camera Plus, Magisto, and Viddy allow you to shoot from your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily, adding in other working parts to it like your logo and your colors.

2. Interviews

When it comes to proving your own trustworthiness and effectiveness as a realtor, don’t make consumers take your word for it. Ask previous happy clients to speak to prospective clients for you through interview videos. Interview videos can showcase customers you’ve worked with in the past — families, couples, business owners, or anyone you’ve ever helped make a purchase. 

Ask interviewees to give the full picture of what they went through and how you helped them find the perfect home or office. Tell them to talk about the initial worries they had, if their meetings with other realtors were subpar, and to talk about what made you different. You can also ask them to leave a positive review on your website. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure there is diversity in your interview videos. You want a wide array of customers so you need to make sure past clients reflect future ones. Try to get an interview with as many people as possible so there is a very low chance the customer won’t connect with someone.

4. Community Videos 

The home itself is always important to the client, but the community where they will be living is equally important, especially for families. You can add character and detail to any home posting with a video about the community or neighborhood the home is located in.

Show its location in comparison to important places like the grocery store, the hospital, local businesses, and entertainment areas. Take pictures or videos of the closest downtown area and maybe a few popular spots to eat or go out for a good time. This connects your brand to that community. Ideally, when people think of a community, they’ll instantly remember you and your work there. Any and all information can be included in this video.

Pro-Tip: If you can add it, slide in a school video review of the nearby schools. Have a few teachers talk on screen or even the principal. Show people that there are high-quality schools in the neighborhood and why it’s a good option for their children. Trust and connection are key here. 

5. Agent Videos

The final idea that can really hone your brand and personal connection with future customers: An “about me” video. Creating an agent video for yourself and any other agents you work with helps solidify with the customers the idea that you are also just another person in the community who’s eager to help them achieve their dream home.

You want the video to be a good length, around 2 to 3 minutes, and let it tell a story about you. Include your family, friends, pets, and other hobbies and interests you have besides being a realtor. Add in why you like your job and what hope to achieve for every client so the customer feels like they know your endgame and your personality before you meet. It can put them at ease when you finally do meet in person.

Pro-Tip: Under your agent video, make sure to include any accolades or awards you’ve won. Include a headshot, contact information, and customer reviews specific to you to strengthen your profile. 

For more tips, tricks, inspiration, or ideas when it comes to creating realtor videos, check out our other blog stories. Happy video creating!