4 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

A common misconception is that direct mail marketing is dying because of the increasing importance of digital marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Direct mail marketing is still effective, and combining it with a strategic digital marketing plan can help you increase brand awareness and your response rate exponentially.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the benefits direct mail can have on your business’s marketing strategy, check out these four reasons to do so:

Personalized Marketing

Direct mail allows you to target your audience based on demographics, psychographics and geography. 

But direct mail also offers the opportunity to target an entire neighborhood, a specific zip code or an individual. This makes direct mail a lot more engaging because each mailing’s message can be specially tailored for the specific addresses you’ll be sending them to. Your audience in a neighborhood known to have older residents can have targeted messaging that is different from the millennials who will receive your mail at their apartment complex. 

Plus, direct mail literally puts your message into the hands of your target audience, and 80% of people who receive mail will at least scan through each piece before throwing anything away.

Build Brand Awareness

In addition to being able to target a specific audience, direct marketing also helps increase brand awareness. Seventy-five percent of people who receive direct mail can recall a brand immediately after seeing it compared to just 44% who can remember the brand when seeing a digital ad. 

This is because direct mail allows for creativity and engaging the consumer’s senses in a way digital marketing can’t. People can physically hold mail, and a multi-functional ad—like a letter that can be folded into a box or a mailer that has a tearable postcard—is memorable and a reason for a person to tell someone else about your company. 

A clever design can make your content stand out and stick in a person’s memory, even if they don’t keep the postcard.

High ROI

Most importantly, direct mail marketing has a 29% return on investment. It sits behind email (124%) and social media (30%), but not by far, indicating that this underutilized marketing strategy could be a big boost for your business. 

The average direct mail response rate is between 5 and 9% depending on the recipient. This may not seem like much, but it is a significantly higher percentage than email, which only has a response rate of 1%. People actually look at and recall direct mail as opposed to emails, which can sit unopened.

BEST PRACTICE Combine Direct Mail With Digital Marketing – Introducing HALO

The best results occur when direct mail is combined with a digital marketing strategy. People still spend a majority of their time on their smartphones, and it is important to meet your potential customers where they are.

Halo is a marketing based solution that tracks the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. Imagine receiving 23 to 46% more leads and enjoying the peace of mind of tracking every piece of direct mail and marketing dollar.

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