5 Key Reasons You Need a Real Estate Blog

Millions of people read blogs every day and 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. Blogging is a key source of income and retention for any kind of company or service — even real estate. Here’s why: 

1. It shows knowledge

When it comes to buying a home, or anything having to do with real estate, people want to make sure the people helping them know what they’re doing. A blog is an ideal way to share your knowledge in the field, proving to clients that you are a credible source of information!

A great example of a post for knowledge would be a list of tips for new home buyers and the questions they should be asking every real estate agent. This shows you can see the process through both the eyes of a real estate professional and the eyes of the consumer, creating a good starting point for a possible relationship.

2. It builds trust

Trust and knowledge go hand in hand when it comes to prospective clients. They want to know that you know what you’re doing, but they also want to know they can trust you. You see them as individuals, not just a potential payday. You acknowledge their unique situation and show them appropriate homes that aren’t out of their budget.

An ad or your website alone could share your awards and accolades, but a blog post shows how you got them. You can tell them exactly what you would do to get them into their dream home in their dream neighborhood. If you do this consistently, they’ll keep following you and hopefully keep you in mind when it’s time for them to buy a home.

3. It brings in clients

Remember how we said millions of people read blogs posts every day? Forty-seven percent of internet users consume blogs regularly. That’s a lot of people, which translates to a large clientele pool. Also, blogging gets three times more leads than more traditional methods, like ads or billboards.

Not only do you want to write engaging content, but you want to write content that people want to share with friends. The correct content can help a client get into the market. Then, when they are really ready to buy a home, they’ll come to you. This ensures you avoid problems like leads going cold or engaging in activities that ultimately waste your time (and money). Instead, you can focus on clients who are serious and wait for others to come to you.

4. It showcases your brand

Brand is everything. With almost every millennial constantly looking at their phone, blogging will be an effective method of reaching them. Why would that matter? Because millennials are the next generation about to enter the home buying pool, which means you need to start speaking their language sooner rather than later.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or almost any other social media outlets are places you can start establishing your brand. You should show your colors, headshots of agents, and (whenever possible) video on almost every post, so at least one part of the post can be put as a teaser on social media. A well-known brand helps people know you and remember you, sending engagement through the roof.

5. It’s cost-effective

We can’t leave this key reason out: it helps you save money. Blogging costs less than other forms of marketing, like billboards or ads, and continuously generates benefits over time rather than decrease rapidly like ads to. Basically, blogging is great for the long-term.

You can do things that that are equivalent to regular blogging, such as daily tips on Twitter or a monthly newsletter that highlights the events happening in the different communities you work in. You can gather all this info in no time at all and do most of it from your smartphone.

By creating a successful real-estate blog, any real estate company or agent can showcase their knowledge, skill, and passion for the job they do. This ensures lasting and secure relationships with current and future clients.

If you need help getting your real estate blog off the ground, head over to our contact page. Just reach out— we would be happy to help.