Do Postcards Sell?

Generating new leads as a real estate agent can sometimes feel like real work. Handing out business cards or handwritten notes. Heading to open houses. Maybe it’s time to go back to basics.

In our increasingly digital world, some real estate brokers may be hesitant to return to “snail mail” and send out postcards, even though they see them often or hear a lot about them. The question here is, do postcards really work? Do they sell homes?

Postcards Effectively Reach Key Target Real Estate Demographics

In the days of email marketing campaigns, online leads, and virtual home tours, do direct mail campaigns like postcards still work?

The truth is, direct mail is a valuable marketing tool. Direct mail delivers a 5.5 percent response rate, which is a 700 percent better return on investment (ROI) than all digital response rates combined. 

In fact, direct mail has effectively reached two audiences that are excellent potential clients for real estate agents: millennials and baby boomers. There’s no question that there is a trend among baby boomers to sell their houses and downsize to smaller homes.  And finally, millennials are beginning to wade further into the housing market and become first-time homeowners, projected to have the most market originations, with more than half the market.

Direct mail is a perfect way to reach these two target demographics who are looking to buy homes right now. Looking at the stellar response rate compared to online sources, then absolutely, postcards do indeed sell!

Create an Unforgettable Call-to-Action

The real answer to the question, “Do postcards sell?” They do if you design them to. 

A crucial part of the postcard that some realtors tend to forget is to include a call-to-action. Without a call to action, your postcard arrives, and is read by the recipient but then doesn’t do much else for you. The question you must ask yourself when planning a direct mail postcard campaign is,

“What do I want the recipient to do once they’ve read my postcard?”

You need to tell your recipients how they should react to your postcard. Of course, the text of your postcard leading up to the call-to-action should be captivating and motivating, but your postcard will only sell if you invite the recipient to do something. What is the goal of your direct mail marketing campaign? Put it in the call-to-action.

Here are some enticing call-to-action strategies that will get recipients to get moving:

  • Give clear instructions about what your recipient should do next
  • Present a time limit– or create an undeniable sense of urgency!
  • Offer a bonus or value
  • Use concise language and make your call-to-action an obvious focal point

Other thoughts to consider as you draft your call-to-action? What are you selling? Is your postcard designed to introduce yourself to potential clients, to invite them to an open house, to sell a home, or to notify recipients about a new listing? You should have a clear target in mind, but remember as a real estate agent, you’re always looking to make new contacts. That’s how you sell more homes!

Offline-to-Online Marketing Tactics for Clear Results

If you’re still unsure whether postcards are right for you, why not test it out with offline-to-online marketing strategies? Include a unique link on your postcard that leads to a dedicated landing page on your website where you can collect data that will tell you just how effective your direct mail marketing campaign really was. 

Postcards that focus on offline-to-online marketing not only get your recipients to check out your website and monitor marketing metrics, but they can also be the pathway to share your listings and spread the word about what you can do for your buyers and sellers.

Perfect Your Postcard Style

If you’re looking to design postcards that sell, you don’t want just any real estate postcards; you want real estate postcards that work. How can you ensure that your postcards end with a phone call or email, and not in the recycling bin?

Maybe you’ve already tried calendar magnets or game-day schedules. But what are a few effective postcard styles you can try? Here are a few tried-and-true but still innovative postcard ideas to share with your mailing list:

  • Real estate postcards for buyers and sellers
  • Real estate postcards for rental properties
  • Postcards announcing an open house
  • Just listed and just sold postcards
  • Recently sold postcards
  • Real estate postcards sharing a favorite recipe
  • Real estate cards introducing yourself as an agent
  • Thank you postcards to send to your past and present clients
  • Seasonal and holiday real estate postcards

Looking for more ideas? Communications Squared has the postcard solutions you need to get noticed by the right people. Our real estate postcard templates are designed with results in mind. We have sleek, professional, inviting real estate mailer templates to make your life that much easier.

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