Do You Know How To Market To Millennials?

Millennials are the next generation of homebuyers, with 66% of them expected to buy a home in the next five years. Each generation of home buyers has a different marketing language; any realtor who markets to them in that language can ensure a steady customer pool. 

Here are five ways to know if you’re speaking the millennial marketing language.  

You’re creating authentic content

Millennials love nothing more than utilizing their readily-available access to find content that makes them feel empowered and more knowledgeable about things. They share, like, snap, tweet, pin, forward and comment on content that connects with them on a meaningful level and showcases their authenticity. 

What do we mean by authenticity? We mean originality, genuineness, truth. Nothing made up or forced to look like something it’s not. Millennials are so connected to authentic content that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when it comes to consuming news. When you create authentic content, you’re more likely to entice millennials to buy your product. If they like it, they’ll share a review — and millennials love to crowdsource their peers’ opinions before buying a product. Ultimately, you need to build truthful, open relationships with millennials that make them want to keep coming back for more. 

Your content focuses on living instead of buying 

Millennials hate feeling like they’re just another wallet you want to get your hands on. They want to know your content was created specifically for them with their interests in mind. Your content shouldn’t be “pushy,” but it should showcase how much better their lives will be with your product or service. 

For example, if you’re selling a home, creating a commercial that shows a couple moving in, creating a life together, growing together, having kids— all in the same home— can be very effective. It focuses on the living, not the buying. Most young people these days are focused on the experiences they get with something, not the product alone. You could create something like this pretty low cost, by using a smartphone with a good camera.

You’re giving them a voice

Having a voice is very important to people these days — especially millennials. This is so important that 42% of them said they’re interested in helping companies create future products and services. They want to be involved in not only consuming a product but also have a say in how it gets created. 

A good way to connect with millennials is by allowing them to have a say in the design of a new item or the next topic of a video or blog post. It allows them to express themselves and creates a community of consumers for your company. You could also post about upcoming city or county meetings about development plans — inviting them to come and have a say in how things are done in their community. 

Your content is easily accessible to millennials

Consider this: 85% of millennials own smartphones and 46% of them use them in stores to look up prices, reviews, and coupons. It’s their lifeline to see if the product they are about to purchase or invest in is worth it. And don’t forget about the impact of social media.

Millennials are on social media all day, sharing content, reading reviews of content, and watching videos. Not putting your content on social media causes your company to lose out on some serious money. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are all mobile apps that should be utilized by every company that wants to broadcast their brand and share their service with millennials.

Another thing to consider: 30% of millennials still say good old direct mail is the way to go. Despite it being a digital age, people still check their mailbox daily, checking out newspapers or looking for coupons.  It’s also noted that direct mail leaves a deeper brand footprint in the brain and will pull clients to your brand even after they read your postage.

Your company is supporting a cause

In general, people like to feel like they are doing something that matters; millennials are no exception. Thirty-seven percent of millennials say they are willing to purchase a product or service that supports a cause they believe in, even if they have to pay a little extra. So, your product could cost more than a competitor but if you have a good cause connected to it there’s a good chance that won’t matter. 

A good example would be making a statement that a portion of all commissions or referrals goes to a charity of that clients’ choosing, allowing them to support something they’re passionate about. But you can’t go half-way with this. You have to follow through. Take pictures of your donation checks or send the client a note with proof of the donation. Remember: authenticity is key. 

So, are you marketing to millennials? 

No? Maybe? Don’t know how to answer that question? At Communications Squared, we can help you determine if you’re tapping into this huge market. Head over to our contact page and shoot us a message. We can’t wait to meet you.