Drones and Your Property Listings: Are They Worth the Trouble?

Selling a property today takes work. Hard work. 

People are looking for pizzaz. They want to see a view of the inside, a view of the outside, a look at the land around the property and, if they can get their hands on it, a look at the neighborhood and town.

It’s easy for real-estate agents to put this in text. But the way to go these days is showing people what they are looking for — and that’s where drones come in. 

What’s a drone? 

A drone is a type of unmanned aircraft that can be flown by a pilot on the ground with a remote control. It makes a low humming noise as it flies, and how, when and where it can be flown is regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

Drones are popular for recreational use and in a variety of businesses, including photography, videography, travel and, yes, real estate. Today, real-estate agents can use drones up to 400 feet up to capture the type of video or photos they need for their property listings. 

How drones elevate your property listings…

Drones give your property listings that extra something that pulls people in by:

By Capturing better, more impressive views

Drones basically get better views of bigger and better homes. Compared to traditional ground-based photography, drone photography captures properties from different angles, making for wider and more fully detailed photos of the property listing. 

They also get the kind of angles that will include a fuller view of the backyard or the land surrounding the property. By getting a more all-encompassing picture of a property, potential buyers can identify if the property falls into their idea of their dream home or not—because people not only care about the home they’re getting but the property that home sits on.

With a drone, a great real estate agent could go a step beyond to elevate their property listing and create a quick video guide to the surrounding community or neighborhood. This gives potential buyers another something extra to showcase why your property listing should be at the top of their list. 

By Helping with virtual tours 

More than 70% of homebuyers watch video tours of a property before moving onto the next step of contacting the realtor. Virtual tours are more likely to impress future buyers compared to stand-alone photography where some things can’t be seen very well. 

A drone’s size is especially compatible with flying at eye-level with a low chance of wobbly footage. They can fly all around homes, giving potential buyers the chance to see every corner without having to see the house in person. 

Plus, properties with aerial images sell 68% faster than those featuring more traditional photos.

Two added bonuses 

Drones save money when it comes to marketing. Before drones, real-estate agents could only get aerial views of the properties and the area/community around it by grainy satellite images on Google Earth or other applications—or by renting a helicopter or airplane to get the job done for each property. Talk about spending money! Marketing with a drone can cost as little as $500 dollars, and drones can be reused again and again.

Another bonus is how multi-use drones can be. You can use them to get sweeping and iconic views of your property, but you can also use them for other things like property inspection and checking out the area around your property on a regular basis. 

Drones and your property listing: They are worth it 

Using aerial photography and video to your advantage can elevate your property listings to new heights. It can give beautiful, impressive views of your listings and showcase the cutest nooks and crannies in ways stand-alone photography can’t. 

If you need help getting started incorporating drones into your marketing strategy, take the time to head over to our contact page and shoot us a message today. We’d be happy to help.