How Do I Get Real Estate Clients Fast?

To sell homes, you need clients, right? But where do you find them when things slow down or when you’re just starting out? 

If you’re looking to build your client list so you can spread the word about new listings or locate the perfect home for your next client, you need a strong client base to strengthen your business.

Houses quickly sell themselves when interest rates drop and the economy is strong, but real estate agents need a healthy line of leads when interest rates creep up or sales start to stall. When this happens, how do you build up your client list?

Try Out a Seasonal Leave-Behind the Next Time You Knock on Doors

Have you heard of leave-behinds? They’re just what they sound like: something concrete that you can leave when you go door to door making introductions to new potential clients. Any real estate agent can knock on a few doors; do your best to make it personable and memorable with a leave-behind or a personal touch.

What kinds of leave-behinds can you include? Try a new calendar or a holiday wreath at the end of the year, a mini pumpkin in the fall, or a miniature American flag standing in the yard on Memorial Day or Independence Day. Attach a business card, or drop one off when you speak to the homeowner. You’re providing memorable value and helping homeowners remember you.

One other effective door-to-door technique? Tell homeowners who aren’t looking to sell but live near your latest listing that this is the perfect opportunity for them to choose their neighbors. You can ask for referrals or drop off a business card or extra leave-behinds for interested family and friends who might be interested in moving to the neighborhood.

To keep it socially distanced, make sure to stand beyond the door and try to make your gift able to be wiped down or left outside for future visitors. 

Door-to-door introductions are effective, but it takes a creative and genuine approach to really make a difference. You can discover more ways to perfect your door-to-door strategies here

Host a First-Time Homebuyers’ Workshop

Millennials are flocking to the real estate market faster than ever before. In fact, they are taking over the market; they’ve now become the largest cohort of homebuyers on the market

Many are buying for the first time. How can you make contacts and find new clients within this market? Host a first-time homebuyers’ education workshop.

What does this entail? A homebuyer education program, whether it’s for millennials or not, is a way to provide potential buyers with the tools they need to understand the homebuying process from start to finish. It includes information on financing a home, credit standards and lending criteria, and education on how mortgages work.

Many of these workshops also invite speakers ranging from home inspectors and loan officers to real estate lawyers and real estate agents. If you host a workshop, you can make introductions with a range of new potential homebuyers who are interested in purchasing a home and know you have their interests at heart.

The best part about all of this? You can make it completely virtual and still get new clients. 

Send Out a Direct Mail Campaign

More than 42% of direct mail recipients read or glance through the mail they get. Also, 41% of Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mail each day. A well-crafted direct mailer can be a welcome sight in a new client’s mailbox. 

There’s lots of evidence to show that both millennials and baby boomers—also known as first-time homebuyers and those looking to downsize as they move to a new phase of life—are incredibly responsive to direct mail campaigns. Many people’s only connection these days is mail. 

What kinds of direct mail campaigns should you try? 

  • Send postcards: Just-listed postcards, just-sold postcards, open-house announcements and introductory postcards are great tools to introduce yourself to a new market.
  • Offer real estate brochures: Whether you’re setting them up at an open house or mailing them to clients to share with their friends and family, a real estate brochure can give a strong sense of who you are and what you can offer to new clients as an agent.

Bonus! Extra Ways to Generate Leads

Generating new real estate leads doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are a few trusted ways you can reach out to new leads and turn those leads into clients:

  • Sponsor a local pet adoption event and meet new pet owners. People are lonely during the pandemic and looking for new furry friends. Some pet owners are preparing for new stages of their lives, and with those stages frequently come new homes (and bigger yards for Spot).
  • Reach out to expired listings. At some point, these owners wanted to sell their home. What changed? How can you help? Dig deep in MLS listings, and contact these owners to see how you could potentially be of service to them now or in the future.
  • Send a personal thank-you note to a recent client, and throw in a gift card to a favorite local coffee shop or pizza place as a way to express your gratitude. Also, add a few of your business cards and invite your clients to share your name with anyone who is looking for a house. They’ll appreciate the gesture and be more likely to pass on your card to someone who truly needs it.

Whether you need postcards, property brochures or new email marketing campaigns to reach out to clients past and present, Communications Squared has the skills and the strategies to provide you with the products you need and the methods to make them effective. 

Our passion is helping you sell homes and helping you make genuine connections with clients. What can we do to help you? Reach out today, and let’s build your brand and your client list.