How Do You Introduce Yourself as a Real Estate Agent?

Are you diving into the world of real estate? How can you introduce yourself and your business to qualified prospects? 

It’s your job when you’re starting out to make it known that you are a real estate professional who’s ready and qualified to help buyers and sellers with their home needs; otherwise, how can you gain any momentum?

When you’re meeting new prospects or sending out a mailing campaign, how can you make a great first impression and establish trust with your future clients? 

What Is Your Story?

Whether you’re crafting your bio or figuring out the best way to introduce yourself face to face, you should know what your professional story is. If all other qualifications, designations and accolades are the same, how can you craft a bio that sets you apart from the competition? What is your personal elevator pitch

Your professional bio doesn’t have to be overly formal. Instead, it should help your prospective clients connect with you. Make it personal—after all, you want to make it clear why your leads should choose to work with you, so authenticity and originality matter. 

Maybe you have specific real estate designations or certifications that can help you better represent a specific group of people, like an At Home with Diversity (AHWD) certification or a Certified Residential Specialist designation. Your bio is a great place to include these certifications that can reach various groups of buyers and sellers. 

Connect Your Work to an Area

Which areas do you serve? It’s helpful to let your leads know the areas where you specialize. When a client is looking to move to a specific area, they are much more likely to choose to work with someone who is an expert in finding homes for their clients there. 

What makes you knowledgeable about those areas? Why do you serve that area? What do you love about it? Share what it is you adore about your area, and your prospective leads will fall in love with your area too—and opt to use your skills as a real estate agent.

Send a Real Estate Introduction Postcard

A real estate agent introduction postcard mailed to contacts in your area is a great way to make an introduction. What should a postcard say on real estate? 

Why not list your qualifications and share a recent listing success story—or better yet, let your reviews speak for themselves? Ninety percent of consumers want to read reviews before doing business with a company or salesperson, and 88 percent of people trust reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. 

Other real estate postcard ideas you can use to introduce yourself to new leads?

  • Just-sold postcards sent to neighbors who live near the home you just sold
  • Just-listed postcards sent to potential buyers on your contact list
  • Just-listed postcards for real estate agents who may want to show the home you are selling

Do postcards work in real estate? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Direct mail marketing response rates outperform digital marketing response rates by 700 percent and have a ROI of 15-17 percent.

Start a Direct Mail and Marketing Campaign

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, it’s effectiveness is on the rise. In 2016, the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43 percent, and the prospect response rate went up 190 percent.

There’s no point to setting up a stellar professional bio and staking your claim over a particular area for your real estate business if your marketing campaign doesn’t lead your new leads to your website to learn more about you, see your listings or get in touch with you. Your introduction—even if it’s on paper—should send your prospective leads to your website.

How else can you reach out to new leads and make introductions? Here are a few direct mail campaigns to try:

  • Send flyers about an upcoming open house.
  • Leave introductory door hangers in a nearby neighborhood.
  • Print and send a personal introductory letter inviting leads to visit your website, and attach a beautifully crafted business card while you’re at it.

Your Introduction Is About Showing Off What You Do Best

At Communications Squared, we know firsthand how challenging it can be to make that first introduction to new leads, which is why we work hard to provide the materials and strategies for our clients to make fruitful introductions.

Our expertise lies in marketing your business from first introduction to the last signature at the closing of a new home so you can focus on making the best possible introduction and guiding your client through the home buying and selling processes. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more.