What Should Be Included in a Real Estate Brochure?

When it comes to marketing yourself as a real estate professional, you should be using every tool in your toolbox socially, meaning your social media and your website. You especially should be focusing on your print services: posters, business cards and brochures. 

All of these forms of marketing are to put your brand out there. To draw people to you and get them to want to get to know you and use your services. It puts you at the forefront before all other professionals. 

Why are brochures so impactful? For many reasons, including:

  • They pack a lot of information in a small place.
  • They represent your brand well.
  • They’re easy to read.
  • They fit in a pocket or bag.
  • They up your professionalism.
  • They’re cheaper than other marketing options.

So what should be included in a real estate brochure? Follow the AIDA method

A = Awareness

In every product you create. you want to create awareness and affiliation with your brand any way you can. Your brand should be written all over your brochure, and your contact information should be somewhere visible. It may also be beneficial to add a picture of yourself to add a layer of personality.

Ask yourself how you plan to make buyers aware of the services you offer in a bite-sized package (think square trifold size sections) as you don’t want an overwhelming amount of information. Focus on the most important and impactful messages of your company. 

I = Interest

When it comes to piquing interest, you want to focus on ways to make people know you mean business. You want to think of creating a customized brochure, one that will make you stand out and show your unique skills while also not looking the same as others. 

Use engaging headlines for each section and bold-face or highlight important parts in each section so the eye is drawn to those words. Consider posing a question somewhere to cause the client to think about something and how you might help them solve the problem or issue. 

Another way you can make yourself stand out is by putting intriguing and informational content in your brochure. Make sure to add enticing pictures, ones that show your most beautiful properties and an attractive headshot of yourself on the back for good measure. 

But remember the concept of just enough. One scenic photo can do 100 times more than 20 images spread throughout the trifold, making it look cluttered and confused. It should be an easy read for potential clients, and it shouldn’t take them too long to get through. 

D = Desire

The “D” of the AIDA method stands for desire, which focuses on the importance of connecting with your clients. Why do people come to you and then keep coming back to you for real estate help? 

Focus a section on how you interact and keep up with your clients. Do you chat regularly on social media? Do you have an active website? A loyalty program? People love incentives. This is where referrals can come in handy, as they showcase to potential clients that you’re not just making stuff up.

A = Action

Action is the final step in the method and can be the most important in catching a client and making them stick. At the end of your great photos and information, you should have some sort of call to action where you tell them what you want them to do. 

This is where your headshot goes, your contact information and your names for your social media. Make sure every possible way of connection is listed so you can reach everyone from every background. 

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