Where Should I Leave My Real Estate Business Cards?

So much of what you do as a real estate broker is about making connections and building a client list. After all, you can’t grow your business without finding clients who are looking to buy and sell properties. 

You’ve carefully crafted your business cards to ensure they are memorable and eye catching, but they won’t do a lot for you just sitting in your wallet. How can you get your name out there to generate new leads, especially in the middle of a pandemic?

Of course, it’s a good idea to give your business cards away to your clients so they can pass your information on to their friends and family. This is a great strategy, as 74% of homebuyers would use their realtor again or recommend them to a friend, according to the National Association of Realtors. 

However, if you’re looking for some new business, you can put those business cards to good use. Where should you leave your cards to get calls and build your client list?

With Your Hairstylist

How often do you see your hairstylist? They see all of their other clients just as frequently and at each appointment usually have a conversation to catch up about what’s going on with them. Plus, hair salons are one of the few businesses people are still going to regularly during the pandemic.

If their other clients mention that they are looking to buy a new home, it will be helpful if your hairstylist has your card so that they can recommend you as their broker. Why? Forty-two percent of buyers discovered their agent by word of mouth. 

Your hairstylist knows who’s looking to buy or sell their home, and they can pass your name along—if they have your business card.

With a New Acquaintance at a Party or Social Gathering

No one wants to talk business at a party or social gathering, but when we are getting to know someone new, it’s natural to ask what they do. If you meet someone who inquires about your line of work and expresses any interest in real estate, this is the perfect opportunity to hand them a card or two and invite them to reach out to you later.

By inviting this new acquaintance to contact you later, you’re opening up the line of conversation without taking over the conversation at the party. You get to know them and establish a relationship, and they’ll be more likely to contact you down the line when they need a real estate broker.

This may be a bit harder to do during times of social distancing, but with a little energy, you can make it work. Coffee shops are a great place to start. 

At Your Dentist and Doctor’s Office

You can always ask to leave your business cards at your doctor’s office or with your dentist. As a regular patient, feel free to ask to leave your cards at the receptionist’s desk, near the magazine rack in the waiting room or on the window ledge. 

It’s a great way to reach potential clients who live in your area and stay socially distanced. 

At a Childcare Center

Daycares and preschools are filled with children who are part of growing families. Many of these parents may feel like they could use a little more elbow room at home as their families expand. 

So why not ask the childcare center if you can leave your business card on their bulletin board, at the front desk or near the pickup area? If the pickup area has moved outside due to COVID-19, consider putting up a flyer with your business cards to get someone’s attention. 

At Your Place of Worship

Homebuyers and sellers want a realtor they can trust. Before turning to a complete stranger to help them find a home or sell theirs, many homebuyers will look within their own community to find a real estate agent. 

You can pin a few business cards to the community bulletin board at your place of worship to reach out to other people in your congregation who might require a real estate broker.

As Part of Your Direct Mail Strategy

Your direct mail marketing strategy should include a few postcards. The best part? It’s very coronavirus safe and socially distanced!

Your clients and contacts already have expressed interest in using you as a real estate agent, so why not let them share your name within their social circles when you send out print direct mail? 

There’s no reason you can’t send a few business cards as part of your real estate direct mail campaign and invite the recipients to share a card or two with their loved ones.

With All of Your Marketing Materials

When you are selling a house, you’re not just selling the house—you’re marketing yourself right alongside it! Brand yourself too, not just the house. 

Whenever you make up a customized printing, open house door hangers or an elegant flyer, attach your business card. That particular house may not be the right fit for the recipient, but they will be able to keep your contact information for when they need it.

Ninety-two percent of homes sold in the U.S. are sold using an agent or a broker, which means you have to do whatever you can to stand out, including finding strategic places to leave your business card. 

At Communications Squared, we’re here to handle the rest of your real estate campaign strategies and customized marketing projects so you can focus on what matters most—your clients. 

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